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Back in 2004, our company took a personal break from production. The ScaleTrees on this page represent the left over inventory that we are now liquidating. For these large deciduous trees, we chose the White Oak species as our prototype. This prototype was selected for our first release back in 2001 because it is the most widely found oak tree in the United States. Historically, White Oak trees have also been the most widely used oak tree for product manufacturing in the United States. They have been most known for their use in the production of barrels, railroad ties, and furniture.

The image to the right shows one of our trees below with foliage added.

A typical hardwood forest is 65-85 feet (20-26 meters) tall, and a large single hardwood tree may reach a height of 110-120 feet (34-37 meters) tall. How tall is that in your scale?

The tree to the left is the result of adding foliage to a ScaleTree Without Foliage.


ScaleTrees Without Foliage (sizes and pricing)
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ScaleTree Armatures

These are the armatures used for the ScaleTrees Without Foliage above. Our Incredibly realistic armatures are made of twisted wires. All wires are coated with our flexible bark textured coating. ScaleTree Armatures can be used as is for dead trees or sparse winter trees, or add BranchBunches and the foliage of your choice to complete your trees. All of our armatures are the same basic shape based on the branching structure of a typical North American White Oak. This basic shape can easily be changed by bending and/or trimming with wire cutters.

Available in 5 sizes.       Click individual trees below for LARGER IMAGE

10cm 15cm 20cm 25cm 30cm

ScaleTree Armatures (sizes and pricing)
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   STA0110  10cm (4") White Oak Armature (3/pkg)
3/pkg $ 16.99
3/pkg $ 11.89

   STA0115  15cm (6") White Oak Armature (2/pkg)
2/pkg $ 17.99
3/pkg $ 12.59

   STA0120  20cm (8") White Oak Armature (1/pkg)
$ 11.99
$ 8.39

   STA0125  25cm (10") White Oak Armature (1/pkg)
$ 16.99
$ 11.89

   STA0130  30cm (12") White Oak Armature (1/pkg)
$ 20.99
$ 14.69
Sold Out
Sold Out
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Modeling Tip: Use "forced perspective" to get the best results in your scenes. Forced Perspective is the practice of using larger objects in the foreground and smaller objects in the background to make the depth of the scene appear larger.

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