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25cm ScaleTree Complete Research & Development of Products:
All ScaleTree.com products are developed to create the most realistic scenery by closely researching and studying the prototype. We want modelers to be able to achieve actual scale versions of prototype scenery.

Part of our research and development has led us to the use of synthetic materials. These man made materials have many advantages. Some of these advantages include; more durablility than natural plant materials so they can be used and re-used, they do not become brittle with age, they are a non-food source for pests, and they are not recognizable as a specific species of natural moss or plant. This is especially important in model photography where recognizable natural materials can easily give away the illusion of scale.

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Press Release:
ScaleTree.com is going into hibernation. We still have products in stock, but since we have ceased manufacturing, all items are on clearance and of a limited supply, so stock up now! Go to the following page to read the full press release and see the inventory of remaining stock.     www.ScaleTree.com/pressrelease.html

To Order:
ScaleTree.com accepts the following online payments via our SSL secure server. Simply go to the Product pages to begin using the secure shopping cart.
Visa, MasterCard & PayPal

By Mail:
If you would prefer to order by mail, simply go to the product page of your choice, print the page and fill it out manually and mail with shipping information and your funds in the form of a check, cashier's check, or money order.

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