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21 March 2004

We at would like to thank you for your business and for sharing our vision. In the past two and a half years we have worked to fill a void in the model scenery market by creating highly realistic branching materials and scale trees for the detail oriented modeler.

Due to time and focus demands of other ventures, the owners of have had to make the tough decision to place into hibernation for an indefinite amount of time. These other endeavors will prepare us to be in a much better position to bring back in a bigger and better way. We plan on waking up from this hibernation at a future date if it can be given the attention a growing company needs. The year of that future date is undertermined. As our products show, we believe in doing things well and with great care and quality. This philosophy has helped us to reach this difficult but sound business decision. We don’t believe in doing things half way.

At this time, we still have products in stock, but since we have ceased manufacturing, all items are on CLEARANCE and of a limited supply. Below is a list of our remaining inventory for your convenience. We think that our ScaleTrees are the most realistic model tree on the market, so we suggest you order now while supplies last! Revisit this page to receive the latest update as we go through this process. You may also want to join our mailing list to receive email updates and press releases via email.


Remaining inventory List
as of April 17 2009

Item #
      Item Description
 Retail Price
Before Discount
Qty Avail
ScaleTrees Complete
(with summer green foliage)
STC0110 10cm (4") hardwood (3/pkg)
3/pk $17.99

Sold Out

STC0115 15cm (6") hardwood (2/pkg)
2/pk $17.99
Sold Out
STC0120 20cm (8") hardwood (1/pkg)
Sold Out
STC0125 25cm (10") hardwood (1/pkg)
Sold Out


30cm (12") hardwood (1/pkg)
Sold Out
ScaleTrees Without Foliage
STB0110 10cm (4") hardwood (3/pkg)
3/pk $17.49
STB0115 15cm (6") hardwood (2/pkg)
2/pk $17.49
Sold Out
STB0120 20cm (8") hardwood (1/pkg)
Sold Out
STB0125 25cm (10") hardwood (1/pkg)
Sold Out


30cm (12") hardwood (1/pkg)
Sold Out
ScaleTree Armatures (Deciduous)
STA0110 10cm (4") hardwood (3/pkg)
3/pk $11.99
Sold Out
STA0115 15cm (6") hardwood (2/pkg)
2/pk $12.99
Sold Out
STA0120 20cm (8") hardwood (1/pkg)
Sold Out
STA0125 25cm (10") hardwood (1/pkg)
Sold Out
STA0130 30cm (12") hardwood (1/pkg)
Sold Out
BranchBunches (Branching Material)
BB0124 24 grams/pkg BranchBunches Original
Sold Out
BB0135 35 grams/pkg BranchBunches Light (thinner)
BB0170 70 grams/pkg BranchBunches Light (thinner)
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   Over $20.00    FREE Shipping
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