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Trade Show Diorama:

Click images below for larger images.

  The whole diorama. This diorama is a 1:87 (HO) scale scene. This image is of the right side of the diorama and shows two towering 30cm (12") or 87 scale foot ScaleTrees. These are ScaleTree armatures with BranchBunches applied and then foliage was added. This is a close up of the right tree in the previous image. This shows you some of the bark and limb detail.  

  Not only do ScaleTrees look great up close, but look how effective they are as background trees. The crowding of large trees certainly adds a dimension of scale and seems to grow the limited model real estate into a much larger area. This stream from the camera to the last visible part is approximately 30". The trees on the right were made with ScaleTrees with different colored foliage applied, and the scrappy slender trees near the middle/left are weeds with BranchBunches applied and foliage added. The tree at the top left was made from the top of a 30cm ScaleTree Armature.  

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