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If you are already familiar with our products or have already reviewed the product descriptions and want to quickly place your order, this is the page. All of our products are listed here in a compact list. If you need more inforrmation about the products click on the "Products" button at the top of the page.

A typical hardwood forest is 85' tall, and a large stand alone hardwood tree may reach a height of 110' to 120'. How tall is that in your scale?

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BranchBunches (package sizes and pricing)

Item #
Item Description
Retail Price
   BB0135    BranchBunches Original 24grams Sold Out
$ 3.49   
Sold Out
   BB0135    BranchBunches Light 35grams
$ 4.49   
now $ 2.70

   BB0170    BranchBunches Light 70grams
$ 7.49   
now $ 4.50



All prices are based on United States dollars.

Modeling Tip: Use "forced perspective" to get the best results in your scenes. Forced Perspective is the practice of using larger objects in the foreground and smaller objects in the background to make the depth of the scene appear larger.

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